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We thank our international partners for their thoughts and prayers for our team following the events of November 13th. We have been profoundly moved by your kind words.

We recognize the enormous efforts of both domestic and international security operations following this terrible tragedy, which have helped the French capital and all of Europe to feel safer and more secure. Over 150 global leaders are present at the COP21 summit here in Paris until December 11th – Paris is and will remain diligently watchful and protective of its visitors and citizens alike.

We will not give in to the fear and terror caused by the execrable few, but will fight back the way we know best – we will continue to dance, sing, drink fine wines and live life to the fullest! Our resolve to share our joie de vivre with the world is stronger than ever before, and we thank you for standing with us as peace and joy return to our proud nation.


Experience the best of the truffle season as Peplum’s VIP guests in the South of France! Visit the specialized markets and go hunting for the ‘black diamonds’ yourself.

Start the day with a visit to the illustrious Truffles Market in the foothills of Mont Ventoux. The world famous “black diamond” vendors put up shop during the winter months. Sense the powerful perfume that fills the air and entices your taste buds. Witness how the farmers determine the quality of their mushrooms and negotiate the sale of the rare tuber melanosporum. For a truly spectacular experience, go behind the scenes and search for truffles with an expert hunting dog in the lush forest of Venasque!


Stylish and luxurious skiing in the French Alps’ unique destination for sports, comfort and gastronomy.

The first layers of fresh snow have arrived in Courchevel, the exclusive ski resort in the heart of the Mont Blanc region. With more than 600 km of amazing slopes, a large choice in fashion and luxury shopping and seven Michelin starred chefs, there is something for everyone in this majestic winter wonderland. Discover the enchantment of Courchevel from a unique vantage point – your exclusive private chalet boasting exceptional views, five star service and ski-in/ski-out facility. Relax with a visit to the brand new aquatic center. Build your own igloo, ride a sleigh and enjoy a fireworks display while sipping mulled wine.


Pay a visit to the world famous Christkindelsmärik, the lovely open markets of Alsace. These fairytale Christmas markets are amongst the oldest in the world, in existence since 1570!

Founded by the Romans in 12th Century BC, the Alsacian capitol Strasbourg has always occupied a strategic position in Europe, benefiting from rich exchanges of culture and commerce. The history of Strasbourg and the beautiful small villages of Alsace can be appreciated for the sheer diversity of well preserved architectural heritage. The charming timber framed houses, winding cobblestone streets and imposing gothic cathedrals make this the perfect backdrop for a Christmas shopping experience.


Gourmet tour of chocolate Paris is not only a sublime experience, but very educational, as you will encounter chocolate makers amongst the finest in the world.

Your culinary connoisseur guide will combine chocolate tasting with historic anecdotes, and teach you to compare the savours and textures of France’s divine sweets. Expert artisans will demonstrate their various production methods before giving you the chance to appreciate the quality of their products through a personalised tasting at each boutique.