March 2013 Newsletter


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For your clients with taste for the arts – an exceptional privately guided visit of the Louvre ‘Color BLUE by Michel Pastoureau’.


Ignored by the ancient Greeks and despised by the Romans, how did this color, particularly appreciated by Yves Klein, become the Westerners’ favorite?


Almost totally absent from ancient Western art and language, the color blue enters the history of medieval Europe. As people began to associate blue with the Virgin Mary, the color is linked with the Church. Reborn as a royal color in the 12th Century, the color blue functioned as a formidable political and military force through the French Revolution. As blue triumphed in the modern era, new shades were created, and blue became the color of romance


Retrace Art History in the Louvre through the loop of this magnetic color, on the basis of research and publications of the historian, Michel Pastoureau. His book is offered with the visit.


Your guide is a leading French specialist in Medieval Art history and the Theory of Colors.  He holds the Chair of the History of Western Symbolism at the Sorbonne.



The ultimate most sought after Hair Colorist in the fashion capital.

Before opening the Atelier des Couleurs in an elegant Parisian apartment in the Marais, Catarina was the right hand of the absolute hair color master Christophe Robin (the clients include Catherine Deneuve and Kristin Scott Thomas inter alia).


Far from being a simple technician, Catarina is a true artist and a valued advisor to her clients in a domain that has no right to errors.


Her Ateliers des Couleurs is a lovely space for self-pampering located at 4 rue Béranger in the 3rd arrondissement, 
Tel +33 1 44 61 19 89. 
By appointment only.



Don’t miss VIP access to the Chagall Exhibition at Musée de Luxembourg in Paris.


Offer your clients the exclusivity of a privately guided evening viewing of the Chagall Exhibition Between Was and Peace.


Chagall died in 1985, almost a centenarian. He had seen the Russian Revolution, two wars, exile and created works where one can read his experience of war and peace, of happiness and sorrow. The Exhibition shows the passages from one world to the other, from one color style to another. Between war and peace it illustrates the key moments in the life of Chagall.


On either Monday or Friday evenings your clients will have a privately guided viewing with a specialist lecturer, VIP welcome with Champagne and post exhibition diner catered by the famous Angelina.



Personal fashion shopper at your service.


An insider’s guide to confidential addresses of up and coming designers in colorful Paris.


The fashion expert will share his secret addresses and turn your clients into insiders. They will find out about the hippest fashion and lifestyle concept stores, the up and coming designers and the best French small boutiques.


Privately guided shopping on foot half day – 700 EUR.
Privately guided shopping by car half day – 1 100 EUR.