BEYOND PARIS: Unique Day Trips from the Capital


Unique Day Trips from the Capital

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Discover how this city’s rich history has shaped its resilient identity

While the must-see Palace of Versailles attracts over seven million visitors each year, the surrounding city is far too often overlooked. The discerning traveller is invited to go off the beaten path and discover the hidden treasures of this captivating suburb. See the centre of Baroque music, where masters of classical composition bring new life to old favourites. Get a glimpse at the treasure trove of priceless antiques, learn the secrets of perfume making from the world’s most recognised experts and taste fresh gourmet delights at the local farmer’s market. Versailles continues to celebrate the finer things in life, with the style and flair of its opulent ancestry!


Explore the masterpiece of the Grand Siècle

This early Baroque château was home to the minister of finance Nicolas Fouquet, who regularly hosted the playwright Molière and poet Jean de La Fontaine. This hidden gem is a shining example of symmetric architecture, reflective pools and impeccable gardening. It was the first master work of landscape artist André Le Nôtre, who went on to become the most famous Frenchmen in his field. Today the estate is privately owned by the De Vogüé family, who live on the premises and take great care to make visitors feel welcome. A large part of Vaux’s charm is the calendar of special events offered throughout the year: chocolate and pastry tastings in November, Easter egg hunting in April, costume parties in May and candlelight evenings throughout the summertime.


Attend the 95th Grand Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

On October 1st and 2nd of 2016, take the chance to see the Grand Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Chantilly as a Peplum VIP. Chantilly is known for many things: sweet Chantilly whipped cream, a beautiful château and surrounding park, and prestigious races where thoroughbred horses compete for international fame. The year’s most hotly-anticipated equestrian event will give you a unique opportunity to experience heightened emotions and a festive ambiance – completed by the distinctive style and flare of the well-dressed race aficionados.


Enjoy exclusive after-hours access to the historic Château of Fontainebleau

With 1 500 fully furnished rooms, the massive château of Fontainebleau is a true work of art. From the spiralling medieval staircases to the phenomenal Diana Gallery, this decadent palace merits acclamation for its stunning décor and remarkable heritage. The imposing UNESCO site is the only château to have been continuously inhabited over the course of seven centuries – from the early years of the mediaeval era and Renaissance to the Second Empire of Napoleon. For something truly extraordinary, Peplum’s clients can visit the Grand Apartments… whilst they are closed to the public. To complete the experience, indulge in a private gourmet banquet in the imperial dining room – the perfect place for the ultimate dinner party!


Stay on a private estate and take hunting lessons tailored to your level

Hunting has long been a prominent sport practiced by the highest rungs of European nobility. In France, where big game stalking is possible almost all year round, the history of this tradition is particularly noteworthy. Indeed, an impressive number of châteaux and palaces were first built as hunting lodges for the ruling classes. Peplum offers unrivalled access to some of the world’s most elite lodges, rivers and reserves. Tailor made hunting trips can be customised for every level, from beginners to avid shooters, and according to types of hunt as well as species desired. For the non-hunter, many alternative options are available including hiking excursions, wine tasting, table etiquette courses and tours of the beautiful surrounding regions.



Share an unforgettable moment with family and friends

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